8 Questions to a Venusian by Venus Contactee Robert Potter

Venus has an Advanced Ascended Civilization – Messages of Love and Wisdom from our Neighbors in Space

Authors and speakers directly involved in this article:
Robert Potter, Dr. Raymond Keller, Alfred Lambremont Webre, Aura Rhanes.

Compiled by Anja Schäfer www.venus-spirit.com

Initial letter from Venus contactee Robert Potter to Alfred Lambremont Webre

Robert Potter: Dear Alfred,

I hope this letter finds you well. As you know I am a real physical contactee of the Venusians and the Pleiadeans. Recently my physical contacts have increased in frequency and I have been given several direct messages and recordings to share with the public.

As you know I have had met quite a few of our space friends in real face to face contacts with these star travelers. I am very grounded and not a space cadet as some people might term people who claim contact with the people who travel in spaceships. I am very articulate and can handle most questions from the average open-minded seeker of the truth.

The Venusians have answered a series of direct questions from me and give me answers in both recorded and written form. They have given me permission to share these with the world. I was hoping you might be able to interview me to help me share the information about this special encounter I had.

The Venusians have answered a series of direct questions from me and give me answers in both recorded and written form. They have given me permission to share these with the world. I was hoping you might be able to interview me to help me share the information about this special encounter I had.

On November 22nd, 2019, Raymond Keller a dear friend and fellow contactee who was allowed to live on Venus for 2 1/2 months in 2012-2013 helped to arrange for me to record and interview a female Venusian Commander.

This video records me asking 8 questions of the Female Venusian Aura Rhanes. She is the commander of the Venusian moon base Clarion and I will share this video you’re your audience during our interview if you would like to have me on your show.

There are other messages to be shared that include replies from Lady Orda the current Queen of Venus and her Security chief Al-Anan.

The famous Commander Val Thor is the main Venusian Commander in charge of the mission of the Venusian fleet on our earth has also given some information for me to share.

Valiant Thor was sent to meet Dwight Eisenhower in 1957, has been in a dialogue with me for over 12 years. His mission to earth is an attempt to offer friendly and open contact that would benefit all of mankind.

The Venusians have asked me to continue to provide a balanced stream of information to the public to learn more about our friends and closest planetary neighbors.

The most important aspect of my effort is simply to share the real and clear messages and to act as a postman delivering a message. I do my best to do this free from sensationalism and hype.

Furthermore, the Venusians want me to share their positive message of hope and to provide more details to the public on the coming shifts within and on the earth.

We are now in the process of energetic natural changes that are now occurring on our earth. These are complex vibrational shifts that will enhance the process of spiritual growth in human consciousness.

This increased curve of spiritual development that is upon us is increasing rapidly and an understanding of this process will allow us to progress in a more balanced and peaceful way.

Humanities eventual gnosis of the reality of actual physical contact with space people is real and ongoing must soon come to pass in a simple, real, open, honest and public way. The details and plans for this are fluid and are dependent on our awareness, preparedness and even our expectant anticipation of a friendly meeting with our extended family.

Real personal encounters have been consistent for many individuals all other the world including myself. Although most of these contacts remain hidden to the public eye. The scope of this level of contact is beyond the comprehension of the average person at this time.

This planned eventual open public contact announcement can only happen after certain conditions are met in our world. The end of the wars and several other things are the most important prerequisites. We must move beyond the controlled narrative of denial foisted upon us by a prejudiced and deceptive government and media agenda to deny the truth.

YouTube Video Interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre: “Robert Potter & Dr. Raymond Keller: Venus has an Advanced Ascended Civilization”

Alfred Lambremont Webre: In this initial panel of a forthcoming ExopoliticsTV series on Venus and the Venusians, Venus contactee Robert Potter and author and Venus contactee and Venus temporary visitor Raymond Keller introduce our ExopoliticsTV audience to the history and exopolitics of Earth’s elder neighboring inhabited planet Venus.

Original-Interview YouTube mit Alfred Lambremont Webre, Robert Potter, Dr. Raymond Keller. YouTube upload January 24, 2020: https://youtu.be/pQ4BG1cTf14

Rob Potter’s 8 Questions to Venusian Commander Aura Rhanes – Oct. 20, 2019 – Transcript of video PART 1

Robert Potter: Dear Friends of Venus and The Promise Revealed,

Welcome to a very special interview on The Victory of Light Blog and Radio show. It is a great honor for me to introduce to you Commander Aura Rhanes who is in service to the Earth as the leader of the Venusian dark side of the moon base called Clarion.

She is an authorized representative for the Venusian and Solar Hierarchy of Light. Therefore, she is uniquely qualified to answer my questions. I must tell you, Commander, it is a great honor to meet you. I wish to thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to come here today and to answer my questions.

Commander Aura Rhanes: Thank you. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Q 1.) Commander Rhanes, can you tell us, at this time, of the overall intentions of the mission of the Venusians and Galactic Confederation and Star Family on Earth, and why you are here in ever-increasing frequency? Perhaps you might also tell us of our past history and relationship with Venus and the Galactic Family.

Commander Rhanes: Certainly, I will. I have prepared my notes as well. And I just wanted to mention that human technological advances in areas of weaponry, delivery systems and artificial intelligence have necessitated an increase in the Venusian presence on Earth.
These advances by nations on Earth have outpaced any spiritual attunement that is necessary to properly channel these technological advances into more positive areas of investigation and application that would benefit all of humankind and not just the selfish interests of national leaders
We, that is to say, the Venusians, have been interacting with your world on many levels since before the dawn of recorded human history.
Our emissary, Omnec Onec, and our historian, Dr. Raymond Keller, have provided further light and knowledge in respect to books on this subject.

Q 2-3.) There are many common questions that people ask me in regard to your ever increasing presence in our skies. The first is, “Why are our governments so desperately trying to hide the reality of your existence?” The second question is, “Why is your policy of contact so secretive for contacts?” They always ask me, “Why don’t you simply land to let the world know you are here and open communicate with us?
Commander Rhanes: Sure, sure, Brother Rob, many of the leaders in the governments and religions in your world know all about us. So, we really aren’t a secret.
They know that when more and more individuals among the mass population start to emancipate themselves through obtaining knowledge of our free energy systems, longevity and the spiritual understanding, that it will be time for them – the greedy financiers, the militarists, the religious potentates – to just step down and be away.
When everyone is empowered to be a leader of their own, they will no longer be required to take orders from the selfish militarists, religious hucksters and other opportunists.
Our presence is largely secretive because the human being must demonstrate their own capacity to expand into this consciousness. They have to evolve on their own, adapt, and that would make for a worthy entry into the Galactic Confederation.
If we act as some of us has wished us to, it would be like giving a driver’s license to a five-year-old.

Rob: I understand.

Q 4.) Commander Rhanes, can you please offer some hope for the future of the Earth? Please give us any guidance or counsel for us peacemakers to create real change that will help us to have peace on Earth. In other words, how can we, the common people, help create a situation of calm and harmony between our leaders and neighboring countries?

Commander Rhanes: And that is a good question. Brother Rob, it all begins and ultimately triumphs with the individual. Everything is in the hands of the individual. Small acts of compassion, whether it’s an attitude of service or demonstrate kindness to all, this will ultimately make obsolete the ridiculous demands of the bellicose militarists around you.
Such angelic manifestations are there to push out the darkness, and that will forever be eroding their influence and power. It’s much like the ocean tides of your Earth does at forever crashes against sea walls.

Q 5.) Lady Aura, can you speak words of wisdom to help us understand what has gone wrong in our places of worship? Can you give us the “Good News” of understanding from a spiritual perspective on what are the root causes of our limited understanding and the errors not only of human thinking but of our priests and teachers in these secular religions? How should we approach religion and show tolerance for others’ faiths?

Commander Rhanes: Well, Brother Rob, I will go to an example in ancient Egypt. Certain individuals paid sufficient attention to the skies in order to astronomically determine the times for planting, for harvesting. And that was based on an alignment of the stellar constellations that coincided with the flooding of the Nile and the deposits of silts suitable for agriculture along its banks or in the delta region.
They parlayed this knowledge into taking power as priests and kings to rule over the people.
The people were asked, “How can these people tell when the Sun shall be blacked out or the Moon shadowed or a streak of light to appear in the vault of the heavens? They must be gods or appointed by the sky gods to rule over us.”
This type of Wizard of Oz scenario has never stopped being played out here in your world. Eventually, people will catch on to the game.
Of course, God is a spirit, and the indwelling spirit of God is within each of us – a small spark that can become fanned into a brilliant flame.
Listen carefully to the small quiet voice that speaks to your heart because THAT voice is the one that emanates from the true spiritual guides and masters that walk and live among you.

Q 6.) In the spirit of openness in our quest to realize the unique and true purpose of Christ’s life and mission, can you please tell us what the Ascended Masters and the Venusian Hiearchy would like us to understand about the life and teachings of the master Jesus Christ?

Commander Rhanes: Certainly. Certainly. Jesus is the Theophanic angel described throughout the pages of our Judaic and Christian scriptures. For example, Abraham, the prophet, and various kings paid tithes to him, as Melchizedek, when he ruled over Salem, and he stood with Shadrach, Meshak and Abednego when King Nebuchadnezzar threw him into his fiery furnace.
While born human, he was fully endowed by the Holy Spirit, an avatar to humankind of the God presence that permeates this Universe. In the celestial realms, he’s known as Michael, the Supreme Angel – he being the one like unto God.
Jesus came to bring a special light into the world, but very few recognize that light let alone its importance.
By dying on the cross, he sealed his testimony in his own blood, proving his enduring love for humanity.
By his resurrection and eventual ascension, he manifested his divinity.

Rob: Thank you very much.

Q 7.) Lady Aura, please clarify, as much as possible, the nature of evil. It seems there is an endless suffering and harm people choose to do to each other. How is it perceived by the Venusians as this error or this sin exists on Earth?

Commander Rhanes: Certainly. Evil exists because some people are duped into following false philosophies. Others have their hearts set on evil intentions. I mean that’s the whole of them. It’s their core.
Some manifest an evil spirit by speaking lies of others.
Many work in occupations that are hurtful to the innocent. Many evil ones spend their time and efforts on nefarious schemes, you know, scheming for the purpose of promoting that evil.
Some seek knowledge to lord over others and strip them of their sovereign rights, while other evils are trying to divert the people’s attention from truth and light.
There’s an ongoing battle for the hearts of the human beings on the higher spiritual planes. On the Earth and beyond, there are extraterrestrials that can operate in various dimensions. Some of them on Earth have been recognized as either angels or demons, and we just have to find a way to prevail.

Rob: Okay.

Q 8.) I realize money – which is a big obstacle in the way that we think and deal with each other – does not exist on Venus as your society works as one mind in accordance with natural universal laws. What can you tell us about how we of Earth will eventually and possibly move forward to create abundance and prosperity like that that is enjoyed by the Venusian society here on the Earth?

Commander Rhanes: Again, it seems to be that a false belief is again coming into play. Economic problems on Earth ARE largely due to false beliefs that are imposed by the leaders on this planet. This false belief is in many fields and promotes that there is only so much that can go around.
This means that your people must fight over the crumbs of the pie let alone getting a full slice of the pie, which, of course, can only be enjoyed by the oligarchs. On Venus, we long ago determined that the solution of this problem is to bake more pies so that everyone can be satisfied.
Credits are based on what we can do to help our sisters and brothers meet their needs. On Venus, we even have a Department of Happiness to oversee this process.
Continue in the Light of Venus.
This is Commander Aura Rhanes. Blessings to all and the ultimate Victory of the Light.

Rob: Thank you very, very much Commander Rhanes. It’s been an honor to have you here today and I thank you so very much for coming such a long way to share with our audience.

Commander Rhanes: You’re welcome. I do enjoy travel.

The original video interview is part of Rob Potters book “My Friends from Venus”: https://thepromiserevealeduat.com/product/my-friends-from-venus/

Aura Rhanes shares a message from Venusian Queen Orda – Transcript of video PART 2

Raymond: Commander Rhanes, do you have an overall message?

Commander Rhanes: I do. I do.

Rob: Well, we have a special message that the Commander is going to deliver, and I will be presenting this in full at the Conscious Life Expo in February 2020 in Los Angeles.

Commander Rhanes: Queen Orda and all the celestial hierarchy of light send greetings to all friends of Venus.
I am Aura Rhanes, the Venusian Commander of Moon Base Clarion situated on the dark side of your planet’s natural satellite.
I visited your world countless times over the past few centuries since the time I first dispatched here to aid the America, Caribbean and French revolutionists in their mighty task of securing liberty, equality and fraternity for all of their respective peoples. That was in the latter half of the 18th century.
By the time you receive this message, it will be February 7-9, 2020, at the Conscious Life Expo being held in your most beautiful city of Los Angeles, California.
At this assembly, Brother Robert Potter, and Dr. Raymond Keller, will be presenting vital information about your sister world, Venus.
Brother Robert strives for the Victory of the Light, and Dr. Keller chronicles the history of Venus, or Abejar, “the planets of the bees”, as it is known by its inhabitants.
Of Robert and Raymond, all we can say is this: Hear them.
Once again in the orbital path of Earth, we approach Valentine’s Day. One cannot emphasize enough the importance of Venus to the inhabitants of the Earth, the Solar System and even beyond to countless other celestial civilizations.
An accurate knowledge of Venus and our ways of life are essential for kickstarting both your personal and planetary spiritual ascension.
There are many gaps in your Terran (Earthly) systems of education that need to be filled. This covers all segments of your investigations, or to better state this: all areas of ongoing research.
Your religious concepts are for the most part basic and good. However, they are sorely lacking in sufficient depth.
On Venus, we have successfully integrated these into a coherent whole.
And what is the tie that binds these altogether? It is love.
And that is what the planet Venus and Valentine’s Day are all about: love, a love for teaching of subjects and a love for the students who will carry over to the young ones. It will inspire them. They will begin to draw upon the majestic powers within them.
It will be like magic watching them grow and move mountains in powerful new directions breaking down the obstacles that constrain the human being. This amazing power comes from the well of love deep within the heart of each individual.

Paul, called by a vision of the Christ in a flash of blinding light to become a messenger of truth once taught those of Earth an important doctrine esteemed by all of Venus in the lighter densities: 1 Corinthians 13 – the supremacy of love.

Chapter 13: “If I speak in the languages of humans and angels but have no love, I have become a reverberating gong or a clashing cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can understand all secrets and every form of knowledge, and if I have absolute faith so as to move mountains but have no love, I am nothing.
“Even if I give away everything that I have and sacrifice myself but have no love, I gain nothing.
“Love is always patient. Love is always kind. Love is never envious or arrogant of pride. Nor is she conceded. And she is never rude. She never thinks just of herself or ever gets annoyed.
“She is never resentful, is never glad with sin. She’s always glad to side with truth and pleased that truth will win.
“She bears up under everything, believes the best in all. There is no limit to her hope, and never will she fall.
“Love never fails.
“Now, if there are prophecies, they will be done away with. If there are languages, they will cease. If there is knowledge, it will be done away with. For what we know is incomplete, and what we prophesy is incomplete.
“But when what is complete comes, then what is incomplete will be done away with.
“When I was a child, I spoke like a child, thought like a child and reasoned like a child. When I became a woman, I gave up my childish ways.
“Now, we see only an indistinct image in the mirror, but then we will be face to face.
“Now, what I know is incomplete, but then I will know fully even as I have been fully known.
“Right now, three things remain: faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love.”

Now, before I move on, many thanks to our Chief of Security Al-An, who is recording this, in addition to Robert Potter and the Promise Revealed, and Dr. Keller, the author of “The Venus Rising Trilogy”, who has collected a series of questions from friends of Venus scattered around the world to present to me at this time.
I’ve selected eight of those, which we have just performed with Brother Robert.
Many thanks, dear friends of Venus. Unfortunately, it is time for Al-An and I to go.
Despite the tragic events that plague these latter days, have no fear. Please know the angels are always standing by to attend to you.
Fellow Commander Valiant Thor the leader of the Victor Class Fleets mission on earth, currently on a mission in the Sirius star sector, sends his love and best wishes to all of his friends of The Venus Rose group in China, particularly the young lady who sent him the angel photos.
Once again, this is Aura Rhanes, Clarion Commander, on this 20th day of October 2019, the 67th anniversary of George Adamski’s initial and physical Venusian contact experience in the Mojave Desert of California.

Rob: Thank you so very much. I’m so very honored and grateful for you to deliver this message and to allow me to present this message of hope and peace and love and affirmation that the angels do attend us and that times are changing and that we will be moving forward into a glorious new age as we develop ourselves and bring forth the mighty I AM PRESENCE in the Christ light.

Commander Rhanes: Thank you.

Rob: Thank you very much.

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Robert Potter – Truth seeker, contactee, Mount Shasta Summer Conference Organizer

Rob Potter from the Promise Revealed, Contributor to the Victory of Light Radio Show, Speaker and Messenger of Light, organizer of annual Mount Shasta Summer Conference. Robert Potter is dedicated to the seekers of truth: “May the truth be manifested in our lives to so that we may heal ourselves and this beautiful, wondrous and sacred jewel we call our earth he floating in the immensity of space.”

Website: https://thepromiserevealeduat.com/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/victorytothelight/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PromiseRevealed/

Dr. Raymond Keller “Cosmic Ray” – Venus historian, contactee, UFO researcher, author

Dr. Raymond Andrew Keller is a retired Doctor of History and has been involved in active UFO research since 1967. Known worldwide as “Cosmic Ray”, he has made numerous excursions to UFO hotspots around the world and has communicated directly with extraterrestrials on many occasions. He has published numerous articles and, to date, six books on Venus in relation to its connection to Earth. Ray’s VENUS RISING book series explores numerous facets of Venus. Documented and based on personal research and years of experience, Ray’s books reveals amazing connections from the perspectives of history, mythology, theosophy, space exploration, ufology, contactees, Venusians, spirituality, and current events. Ray lives in Morgantown, West Virginia, USA.

Many articles and data from Dr. Raymond Keller can be found on the following websites:



Video interviews with Ray are published on YouTube and other video platforms.

Aura Rhanes – Venusian

The Venusian Aura Rhanes is a representative of those benevolent worlds and higher advanced civilizsations that had already obtained interplanetary flight. In the first half of the last century, these worlds have been especially concerned about Earth’s nuclear capabilities and its potential for destroying the planet and therefore started contacting people on Earth in order to help raise human beings consciousness.

Aura Rhanes is the Commander of the Moon Base Clarion and an authorized messenger of our neighbors in space, the Venusians.

Alfred Lambremont Webre – author, lawyer, futurist, peace activist, environmental and space activist

Alfred Lambremont Webre’s book, Exopolitics: Politics, Government and Law In the Universe first defined the formal field of Exopolitics (the science of relations between intelligent civilizations in the Universe). A graduate of Yale University, Yale Law School and a Fulbright Scholar, Alfred has taught economics at Yale University and constitutional law at the University of Texas and was a leading futurist at Stanford Research Institute (where he directed the proposed 1977 Carter White House Extraterrestrial Communication study). In a consciousness changing interview, Mr. Weber explores the reality of who we are, what we are and where we are going as we ultimately begin relations among intelligent civilizations in the universe.

Website: https://exopolitics.blogs.com/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/ExopoliticsTV/

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