Dr. Raymond Andrew Keller aka “Cosmic Ray” is the historian of the Venusians, contactee, UFO researcher, author and retired Doctor of History. He has been involved in active UFO research since 1967. Ray has made numerous field trips to UFO hotspots around the world and has communicated directly with extraterrestrials on many occasions.

Numerous articles and to date seven books on Venus and its connection to Earth are among his publications. Ray’s VENUS RISING book series explores numerous facets of Venus. Well documented and based on personal research and years of experience, Ray’s books reveal amazing connections from the perspectives of history, mythology, theosophy, space exploration, ufology, contactees, Venusians, spirituality, and current events. Ray lives in Morgantown, West Virginia, USA.

“Ticket to Venus”

From my own experience, I, Anja, can say that reading Ray’s books can have an amazing effect on expanding one’s consciousness in a multidimensional way.

His knowledge touches not only the intellectual mind – which is definitely challenged due to the high linguistic level of his works – but also – and that’s most important for our ascension and conscious expansion – the heart.


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You will find many articles and data from Dr. Raymond Keller and others on these pages:



Dr. Raymond Keller’s Venus Rising Book Series

Highly recommended FROM VENUS WITH LOVE

An amazing pool of multidimensional information about Venus and multifaceted, multidimensional connections. Available on Amazon and from Robert Potter

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