My visit to Peter Mount Shasta

in Alignment with the Ascended Master Saint Germain

I first encountered the name of the Ascended Master Saint Germain many many years ago. Since then, he has been like a faint breath, a physically still unknown friend, who dances around me like a loving spirit and occasionally brings himself into my consciousness through very creative, various ways.

I have never dealt with the “person” Saint Germain or tried to channel his energy – yet I am somehow aware of his presence. I have been particularly involved with the texts transmitted through Godfré Ray King in the 1930s and through Peter Mount Shasta’s books.


When I opened my esoteric store “Lichtblick” in Landshut/Bavaria/Germany in 1997, the Master Saint Germain symbolically showed himself to me as an Aura-Soma quintessence and an Aura-Soma equilibrium bottle – because at that time I had included these well-smelling and beautiful looking bottles in my assortment.

My first meeting with the Venusian Omnec Onec took place in my store and I remember that I wanted to give her an Aura-Soma bottle as a gift. The bottle Omnec chose (without being aware of what name this particular bottle had) was the light purple Saint Germain Master Bottle.


Omnec Onec and the Masters

In her lectures and workshops Omnec occasionally mentioned which masters in particular she was in constant contact with – and these are her Uncle Odin, Rami Nuri, Paul Twitchell, Jesus Christ and Saint Germain. She also mentioned that she spent an incarnation at the side of Saint Germain and that she had occupied herself with alchemy in that lifetime.

When Omnec was in Germany in 2014, we gave a workshop at the Saint Germain Center in Höhr-Grenzhausen. From this meeting arose for me an order from the Saint Germain publishing house, namely the revision and redesign of the book “DIE MAGISCHE GEGENWART” (engl. original title THE MAGIC PRESENCE. I still remember how precisely I edited the texts and how profound, loving and spiritually deep I experienced the contents.

As a new text for the blurb of the book I wrote as follows (a quote from the book follows at the top and my words below).

Audio version spoken by Anja:

“The purpose of embodiment on earth is to perfect man, to facilitate him until he is able to become one with the Light-Body of the ‘Mighty I AM Presence’. We call this light-body ‘The Magic Presence’.” (Saint Germain)

The eternally valid teachings of the ‘I AM Presence’ were transmitted to the author Godfré Ray King in the 1930s by the Ascended Master Saint Germain in numerous personal encounters.

The accounts of true Master encounters and teachings described in this book carry a love, purity and beauty that expand the reader’s consciousness and are able to lead him back into oneness with his innate divine creative force, the ‘I AM’.


The Way the Masters Work

It is ingenious how such a Master can work – it is just this simplicity and constant presence that always comes into one’s field of vision, this subtle, humble and at the same time powerful way of effecting one’s consciousness. I mean in particular the way Peter Mount Shasta teaches, who from my point of view is clearly and through my own experience “proven” to be an earthly contact man of the Master and bearer of his teachings. The simplicity of transmitting genuine teachings is often typical. I am not saying that complex organizations and schools cannot transmit true teachings, however especially in the case of Peter Mount Shasta, I simply notice it because he also transmits the teachings in a very individual and idiosyncratic way, just simple, in direct contact with people, not on a level what some would call “technically and marketingwise professional”, yet very clearly and in good writing and talking style.

An example of this simplicity is Peter’s little booklet entitled “I AM Affirmations and the Secret of their Effective Use.” Over the years I have bought this thin booklet as a printed book, as an ebook and as an audio book spoken by Peter and I have read and listened to it over and over again. I can recommend it to you if you are interested in getting to know and, above all, applying the simple beauty of the I AM Teachings.


Meditation Instruction “The Loving, Divine I AM Presence”

Another pearl I found was the meditation instruction spoken by Peter, which I once downloaded from his homepage for 7 dollars. [Original mp3 I AM Mastery​ Audio Teaching #3] It goes on for about half an hour and so deeply into the soul with his pleasant voice and the Tanpura music in the middle of it that I have listened to it over and over again over the years.

Out of sheer enthusiasm, I transcribed the audio file one day, translated it into German, downloaded some Tanpura music that sounds similar to his original, and spoke this meditation in German. Then, when I wanted to upload it to YouTube, I thought to myself “Oops – maybe I should politely inform Peter and ask for permission – after all, the original is his!” So I wrote to him and indeed he pointed out that his material was copyrighted, but that I should upload the meditation now, when I had already made the work of translating and speaking it.

So I was happy that I was allowed to upload this meditation instruction in German on my YouTube channel. That was on 09/19/2021. After all, this seemingly unremarkable audio has been viewed 705 times to date (08/27/2023).


I AM Presence Meetings at Lake Constance/Southern Germany

I am especially grateful for having received emails from a mother and her daughter who wrote to me that they do this meditation almost daily. They asked me if there were physical meetings to study the I AM teachings together and to meditate with each other. This contact gave me the impulse to start meetings at my place near Lake Constance in Southern Germany. If you read this and understand German, and if you are interested in joining, please write a message to I am going to publish the dates in the Venus Spirit Newsletter and in the calendar on this homepage.


Visit at the Foot of Mount Shasta

With my personal history of my connection to Saint Germain and the I AM teachings in the background, I felt the need to write to Peter Mount Shasta during my stay at Mount Shasta on the occasion of my participation at the Mount Shasta Summer Conference in June 2023 and ask if I could visit him.

There wasn’t much of a window of opportunity and I didn’t even contact Peter until I was already on site. I thought to myself, if it’s meant to be, it will work out spontaneously, because I couldn’t make any big plans in advance either. So it was a great pleasure for me that a date really came up and that I also had a nice rental car at my disposal and exactly this period of time to drive to Lake Shastina at the foot of Mount Shasta.

I did not even have money to be able to give Peter something, because in the days before since my arrival in the USA actually no opportunity had arisen to be able to exchange my cash Euros into US dollars! Almost everywhere everything goes only with cards – cash exchange was in the end almost impossible. Either you had to have an account at the bank, which is rather not the rule for a European, or I do not how to exchange cash. In the end, I had to take my cash back with me to Germany, because the exchange simply didn’t work and I had to manage everything with credit cards.

But my lack of cash was not a problem, because I suspected that Peter does not take fixed amounts for visitations, but is happy to accept donations.


A Warm Encounter of Twin Flames

I can’t write much at all about my personal exchange with Peter, because time stood still while we sat facing each other and looked into each other’s eyes. The shared field was almost immediately in a loving, heartfelt energy and the exchange was clear and full of love.

One aspect of our conversation was the topic of twin flames. I felt a need to talk about this with Peter personally, because I knew from the books of Godfré Ray King and from the book of Peter Mount Shasta with the title “Apprentice to the Masters” that he was not only familiar with this spiritual reality, but that he had even experienced it himself – as I had.

As Peter told me eye to eye of his experience of “union” with his twin flame, a field of oneness enveloped us that words cannot describe. My heart glows even now as I tell of it.

Since Peter described this sacred encounter in his book, it is not something that may not be told – and that is why I am quoting the essential part here. The part begins at the place when Peter asked the masters for the deep truth out of knowledge about his connection with Elizabeth.

Audio version spoken by Anja:

I prayed to know the truth about our inner connection.

That night my request was answered in a most astounding way, through a transcendent experience that revealed the truth of Twin Rays and forever altered my understanding of the dual nature of the soul.

Awakened by a voice calling my name, I opened my eyes and looked up into a golden ball of light hovering above me. As I became fully awake, I realized that it was Elizabeth—her dazzling I AM Presence!

What should I do?

Enfold me! Came the immediate inner reply.

Enfold you? How do I enfold light?

While pondering this dilemma, I rose upward out of my dense body toward my beloved, and as my heart opened, I enveloped her. Our hearts and minds became one in a sea of luminosity that was the union of bliss and emptiness—no consciousness of self or other, only the One Eternal Reality of God.

Awakening in the morning still permeated with that ecstatic joy of oneness, I realized that the spiritual union I had just experienced so far transcended ordinary human sex that I would never again seek in duality what could only be attained through the union of consciousness. I knew that if every human being could experience that union of polarities within themselves—that marriage made in heaven—there would be no strife or war. The bliss that I had experienced that night was similar to what I had experienced in meditation when the male and female currents join within. My heart was grateful to the Masters for allowing this union, an experience that answered my prayer to know the truth of this relationship more eloquently than any words they could have spoken.

[Quote from the book “Apprentice to the Masters” by Peter Mount Shasta]


Peter’s message to me the next day

During our conversation Peter mentioned a book. When I received this message from him the following day and also as I am writing this article now, my heart and face are filled with sunbeams:

Hi Anja,

Thanks for your lovely visit. It was a real heart opener.


I hope this article and the information on this page inspire you.

Sending you love and blessings


August 27, 2023

Very close to heaven …

What a beautiful area! There is certainly something special about living at the foot of Mount Shasta. I found it to be very peaceful there.

Meditation Instruction by Peter Mount Shasta – German translation by Anja Schäfer

[Original mp3 by Peter: I AM Mastery​ Audio Teaching #3]

German: Anja reads from the book “Die magische Gegenwart” [The Magic Presence]

Peter Mount Shasta’s YouTube Channel

Meditations, Teachings and Talks (English)

TRANSLATION: To view YouTube’s automatic subtitles, click on the text box (cc) below the video, then on the settings wheel to the right, then on “Subtitles”, then on “Translate automatically”. There select your language.


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