If in retrospect Omnec’s or my work has inspired you in any way and you would like to say thank you or you would like to support our work, your contribution is of course heartily welcome. Everything that comes in helps me, Anja Schäfer, and Omnec Onec directly.

Venus Spirit is financed by the small online store and donations from friends. In the future, advertising revenue will also be possible through YouTube monetization, but this will not be up and running until the beginning of 2022. Events take place irregularly and are also associated with a lot of effort, preparation and follow-up work for us.

We would like to continue to provide content, videos and events and help transform the world we and our descendants live in into a more light and loving world.

Please help so that more and more people can receive the information of Venusian Spirituality.

Different ways to support us financially

The fastest and easiest way to support us financially. For each donation via Paypal, a small fee is retained by Paypal.

Or https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=KEH6LCRWS3E8Y

Bank transfer
Account holder: Anja Schaefer
comdirect Bank AG
IBAN: DE51200411440493873400

Unfortunately, we cannot issue receipts for donations, as we are not a non-profit organization.

With love and gratitude – may all beings be happy.
Anja ♡

What we need help with at the moment (independent of money)

  • Help with video editing (see YouTube channel www.youtube.com/c/hilarianna, where I upload Venus Spirit Talks from time to time. Post-processing of webinar recordings or other videos that may come).
  • Help with spoken translation (English-German) in view of Dr. Raymond Keller’s visit to Germany in May-June 2022. I still want to record videos with him and there a third person for translating/interpreting in the Zoom talk would be a huge help.
  • Creating subtitles for existing and new videos would be fantastic.
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