What is Venusian Spirituality?

Venus as a planet and goddess is known as the “bringer of love,” the planet of harmony, relationships and peace. She represents the feminine energy of compassion and connection with all that is. The gentle, loving, yet also clear and intelligent power of Venus brings balancing energy for healing, happiness and truth for all individuals and societies. This is about the balance of forces, the balance between masculine and feminine, between heart and mind, between inside and outside, between up and down.

„In the Venusian Society we understand spirituality as balancing ourselves on all levels.”
~ Omnec Onec ~

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From Venus with Love Tour 2022
with Dr. Raymond Keller (USA) and Anja Schäfer (D)

The Venus-Earth Connection ♡ UFOs, Benevolent Extraterrestrials, Contacts and Contactees ♡ Lectures and Venus Spirit Events

Dr. Raymond Keller is a historian, long-time UFO researcher, Venus contact, and author of a six-volume book series on Venus.

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German translation published

The German translation of Dr. Raymond Keller’s amazing book “Venus Rising – A Concise History of the Second Planet” is now available.

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Love said to me,
there is nothing that is not me.
Be silent.
~ Rumi ~

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