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Events in Germany 2024 with Omnec Onec & Dr. Raymond Keller

June 21-23, 2024: The Ultimative UFO Disclosure Conference “It’s time for contact!” – Extraterrestrial and ultradimensional contacts ♥ City Hall Memmingen


July 4-7, 2024: From Venus with Love Conference “The Ascension Conference” ♥ Hohenfels Castle, Lake Constance

Plan your journey! Southern Germany is worth a visit combined with these amazing events ♥ More infos coming soon

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What is Venusian Spirituality?

Venus as a planet and goddess is known as the “bringer of love,” the planet of harmony, relationships and peace. She represents the feminine energy of compassion and connection with all that is. The gentle, loving, yet also clear and intelligent power of Venus brings balancing energy for healing, happiness and truth for all individuals and societies. This is about the balancing of forces, the balance between masculine and feminine, between heart and mind, between inside and outside, between above and below.

Venus love is unconditional love.

As the ancestors of many people on Earth, Venusians support evolution on Earth and the expansion of humanity’s consciousness into a higher vibrational frequency. They have been bringing spiritual teachings for thousands of years and are among us worldwide. In connection with the spiritual law of non-interference, they work largely in secret and directly from heart to heart and person to person.

„In the Venusian Society we understand spirituality as balancing ourselves on all levels.” ~ Omnec Onec ~

Selection of Venus Spirit Videos on YouTube

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The Infinite Star Connections – Ep. 69 – Anja Schafer Venus Contact

with Viviane Chauvet and Jeff Demmers

The Venusians are here! Anja is a messenger for Venusian spirituality. In 1997, she met the Venusian Omnec Onec, author of the autobiography “From Venus I Came “. The two soul friends are united by their common mission to help the Transformation of the Earth to a higher vibrational frequency. Anja supports the worldwide transmission of the Venusian teachings through books, lectures, and videos. In 2021, Anja was associated with the historian of the Venusians Dr. Raymond Keller aka “Cosmic Ray “. As a German, one of Anja’s tasks is to translate spiritual teachings into her native language and transmit them to the spiritual field of the German-speaking world. It is Anja’s heartfelt desire to serve as a light-bringer and pathfinder through her own spiritual awakening. She helps people to remember their true self as a soul and to find back into their creative power.

Empower Hour with Anja and Pradnya

Anja, facilitator of Venusian Spirituality, talks about her Venusian contacts, teachings, and her spiritual journey

As Earth’s sister planet, Venus supports man’s inner ascension through its harmonious radiation, which it continuously sends to Earth and into the hearts of men.

~ Dr. Raymond Keller “Cosmic Ray” – Historian of the Venusians 

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Messengers from Venus

Webinar Anja Schäfer “VENUS AND I”

More infos about upcoming events coming soon.

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Venusians are Bringers of Peace and Protectors of Truth


~ Omnec Onec ~

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