Let's merge Heaven and Earth!

From Venus with Love Conference

International Planetary Ascension Conference

July 4-7 2024 | Hohenfels Castle, Germany

The New Spiritual Paradigm.

Consciousness and Love in the multidimensional universe.

Ascension and balance of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

Omnec Onec and Dr. Raymond Keller from the USA are looking forward to being back in Germany in 2024!


The frequency of the Earth is increasing rapidly. Alignment with the divine path of healing and balance of this beautiful planet that gives us a home for our experiences is accelerating. 

“So many people have been asking God for help with their personal affairs for thousands of years. I feel it’s God who can use a little help from us!” ~ Omnec Onec

These impulses spoken give you a sense of the purpose of this unique gathering at this heavenly beautiful place at Hohenfels Castle in the Lake Constance region of southern Germany.

We want to exchange love and information, enjoy being together, connect our souls and hearts, and help ourselves and jewel Earth ascend into higher consciousness – just as the Venusians did long before us. Let us learn from them and openly marvel like curious children again and experience surprises that make our toes tingle, our hearts sing and our faces shine.

All of us involved in the creation of the From Venus with Love Conference are very much looking forward to you and our four days together in the summer of 2024!


Experience and enjoy the contributions of

Omnec Onec, Dr. Raymond Keller, Anja Schäfer, Iris and Giuseppe Merlino, Pradnya Pandit, Saskia Voigtländer, Reiner Feistle, Uwe Breuer and more friends of Venus.



There will be workshops on the castle grounds. These 2-4 hour events can be booked independently of the conference. Details can be found under the menu item “Program” as well as on the respective speaker pages.


Visit without conference participation possible!

If you can’t attend the conference and just want to drop by for a short time: The exhibition in the castle courtyard is open for you for free (plus daily castle catering flat rate obligatory).


Four in the truest sense of the word


Presentation of the 2024 conferences by Anja Schäfer
at Reiner Feistle’s congress on 7.10.2023


Ascension of the earth and human beings

Divine Love

I AM Presence

Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene Consciousness

True teachings, as Christ meant them, come to life

Saint Germain and other Ascended Masters

Twin flames and the new paradigm of highest love

Relationships, family and partnerships of the new age

5D consciousness and higher compared to the discontinued 3D model

The highest version of yourself

Creating your timeline

Unlocking your highest potential



Fusion of heaven with earth

Presence of Venusians and Ascended Masters


“Venusians are bringers of peace and guardians of truth” ~ Omnec Onec

Look forward to

Omnec Onec (USA)

Venusian, Author of the autobiography “From Venus I Came”

Dr. Raymond Keller "Cosmic Ray"

Dr. Raymond Keller (USA)

Venus Historian and Author of the “Gospels of Thomas and Mary Magdalene”

Pradnya Pandit

Pradnya Pandit (Dubai)

Ascension, Twin Flame and Spiritual Transformation Guidance

Reiner Feistle

Iris Merlino

Artist, author, yoga teacher, light worker

Reiner Feistle

Guiseppe (Pippo) Merlino


Saskia Voigtländer

Saskia Vogtländer

Healing guidance, Andara art, Crystal magic, Drachology

Reiner Feistle

Reiner Elmar Feistle

New Earth Shaman, Aldebaran contactee, author, presenter

Reiner Feistle

Uwe Breuer

Ascension Guide and Integral energetics

Anja Schäfer

Venus Love Initiate and Event Manager


Look forward to four uplifting and healing days.
The program is in progress – you can find the approximate schedule here.

Stay up to date

In our newsletter we inform you about the latest news of the conference and other exciting topics and interviews. You can sign up for it at the bottom of this page.


Hohenfels Castle
Lake Constance, Germany

More information and how to get there


Prices and Impressions of Hohenfels Castle Garden

This video about the prices at Hohenfels Castle is spoken in German.

TRANSLATION on YOUTUBE: click cc / settings / subtitles / auto-translate. Use drop-down to choose language.

Early Bird

299 Euros
until March 20, 2024


369 Euros
from March 21, 2024


500 Euros
incl. donation

Conference Ticket for 4 days

Included is …

… the complete Venus Love Ascension Conference Program.
(Workshops and individual sessions can be booked separately as an option
and are also open to external visitors),
… Castle barbecue on the opening day 4.7.
(vegetarian or organic meat to choose from),
… Friday and Saturday evening Skywatch with Omnec and Ray.

Accommodation and meals at Hohenfels Castle can be booked directly at the castle.
Daily castle catering flat rate obligatory for visitors for one day.

Sponsoring Ticket
For those who have sufficient financial means and wish to support participation for others and our work in general. Dr. Raymond Keller will offer you a private one-on-one session with him at his booth as a thank you for purchasing a sponsorship ticket. Ray is a higher-initiator with highly intuitive abilities. Learn more on the speaker page.

Those who would like to support us can also make a donation in the shopping cart. For more information about donations and background about money and our work, please read the page donations.

Refunds and cancellations
Tickets are transferable but non-refundable.

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Early bird price until 20.03.2024: 299,- Euro, from 21.03.2024: 369,- Euro, Hohenfels Castle in Southern Germany
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Incl. donation and one-on-one session with Dr. Raymond Keller, Hohenfels Castle in Southern Germany
Min: 1
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Sponsoring this event

Would you like to support this event or our work in general financially?

If you want, your logo can be published here on our website and linked to your website. Other things we can give in exchange, goes after individual arrangement. Please contact Anja directly at contact@venus-spirit.com.

Booths to rent

Would you like to rent a booth during this conference?

The price per table (normal, single table size) for exhibitors is 150 Euros plus VAT. Places are limited – if you want to rent a table, please write to Anja contact@venus-spirit.com.


If you would like to take on a task as a volunteer and have free access to the conference, please write a message to Anja contact@venus-spirit.com.

Venus-Love Exhibition (more to come)

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