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Stop Thinking!

I command my spirit to take the thoughts out of my head and put them in my heart.
And so it is.
~ Q

Q … in the words of Q

TM: What is Q?

Q: The short version. Let’s think of Q as a conscious side and an intrinsic side. Intrinsic side is the receiving of information. Conscious side the transmission of consciousness that is overseen on the planet.

As an example, I am one of three people. You can call me the transmitter. There is a receiver and what you might call a ground. So there are these three individuals, me being one of them. We are in unique places, unique relationships and we do conscious transmissions to what is called a Light Vessel continuously, our entire lives.

This vessel has the ability now to take where we live, in this case I’m in America, and or the globe and record consciousness, and then the ability if someone has a transceiver here, they can get as much gradual information that they want.

There’s caveats to that… has to do a lot with frequencies and we can travel pretty much in any frequency in any reality and any dimension, but we do have to change our frequencies to inherit say, a body, and or the vessels location is literally right outside this frequency.


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