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The ultimative UFO Disclosure Conference

June 21 - 23, 2024 | City Hall Memmingen

Extraterrestrial and Ultradimensional Contacts, Current State of Affairs, Technology and Science, Significance of Personal Disclosures and Revelations, Spiritual implications of the UFO phenomenon

There is so much to unveil and to discover!

New experiences and surprising encounters await you at this unique conference in the beautiful City Hall of Memmingen! You will find answers to questions you have been asking yourself for a long time. You can even find answers to questions you haven’t even thought of yet. At least if you come with an open mind. The more open and mind-free you are, the greater and more lasting revelations can reveal themselves to you.

We offer you up-to-date overviews, deep backgrounds into the history of contacts with extraterrestrials, presented by first-class experts, new perspectives, intensive, best-researched information and interesting presentations – all this wrapped in spaces to breathe, infused with musical and visual pralines and, above all, omnipresent good energy.

Our conference philosophy is: Let’s agree to disagree!

Visit without conference participation possible!

Should you not be able to attend the conference and just want to drop by for a short time: The exhibition in the foyer is open for you for free. Meet the speakers and talk with conference visitors and have a drink and a snack.

Video recordings

Recordings of all presentations and panel discussions will be made available digitally in a timely manner. We also consider streaming the event – if you would like to support this technically, feel free to contact us.

  Look forward to the experience of three literally DISCLOSING DAYS!

Presentation of the 2024 conferences by Anja Schäfer
at Reiner Feistle’s congress on October 7, 2023


 Experts discuss alleged extraterrestrial and ultradimensional contacts with human beings from around the world 

Findings, research results, and experiences

Revelations and presence of UFOs/UAPs

Current State of Affairs

Revelations by NASA and other space agencies

Technology, science, free energy, UFO propulsion

Areas of application of extraterrestrial technology

Contacts with extraterrestrial and advanced intelligence

Significance of personal revelations and disclosures

Spiritual implications of the UFO phenomenon

Opportunities opened by the “UFO phenomenon” to advance humanity’s spirituality and human potential

Look forward to presentations by
Dr. Raymond Keller "Cosmic Ray"

Dr. Raymond Keller (USA)

Venus-Historian and Author of the Venus Rising Book Series

Omnec Onec (USA)

Venusian, Author of “From Venus I Came”

Johann Nepomuk Maier

Author, Presenter, Filmmaker

Reiner Feistle

Reiner Elmar Feistle

New Earth Shaman, Speaker, Aldebaran-Contactee

Peter Denk

Speaker, background researcher, DENKBrief author

Anja Schäfer

Conference organizer and Venus Messenger

Reiner Feistle

Frank Jacob

Filmmaker, presenter, popular talk show guest, artist, musician, influencer

Reiner Feistle

Tonia Madenford

Director of the film production company Screen Addiction

Reiner Feistle

Friends from space

… Let yourself be surprised!

Look forward to three exciting and inspiring days.
The final program is in the works, you can find the approximate schedule here.

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City Hall Memmingen
South Germany

More information and directions


Early Bird

170 Euros until March 20, 2024


220 Euros from March 21, 2024


50% discount
on request


300 Euros
incl. donation
Standard Ticket
Access to all lectures, panel discussion with Q&A and exhibition in the foyer.

Supported Ticket
Discount 50% when requesting via email to Anja. The number of tickets is limited. If you would like to attend with a supported ticket, please email Anja,, to request a coupon code. Once you receive it, you can book your spot as usual by clicking “Add to Cart” and use the discount code to reduce the ticket price. Applications will be processed beginning Saturday, May 11. Please note that the deadline to apply for supported tickets is 8 p.m. Wednesday, May 1.

Sponsored Ticket
For those with sufficient funds and a desire to support participation for others and our work in general. Dr. Raymond Keller is offering you a private one-on-one session with him at his booth as a thank you for purchasing a sponsorship ticket. Ray is a higher-initiator with highly intuitive abilities. Find out more on the speakers’ page.

Those who would like to support us can also give a donation in the shopping cart. For more information about donations and background about money and our work, please read the page donations.

Refunds and Cancellations
Tickets are transferable but non-refundable.

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Early bird price until 20.03.2024: 170,- Euro, from 21.03.2024: 220,- Euro, Memmingen City Hall in South Germany

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Incl. donation and one-on-one session with Dr. Raymond Keller, Memmingen City Hall in South Germany

Min: 1
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Booths to rent

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We rent tables in two sizes. Prices: Table small 100 Euro – Table large 150 Euro (each plus VAT with invoice) Set-up is on Friday from 10am – Opening for visitors is at 3pm. Dismantling is after the end of the conference on Sunday. For table rental please write to Anja


If you would like to take over a task as a helper (volunteer) and have free access to the lectures, write a message to Anja

Exhibitors - more to come!

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