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When I (Anja Schäfer) first came into contact with Venusian Spirituality, I was about 24 years old. I “accidentally” turned on the TV and my attention was caught by a very blond woman with a melodious voice and charismatic charisma. It was Omnec Onec, known as “the Woman from Venus”, who had just presented herself and her message in a German talk show on the occasion of the first book publication of her autobiography “From Venus I Came”.

A few years later, when I immersed deeper into the life and message of the little Venusian woman Omnec Onec and after I met her in person for the first time in 1997, a friendship and collaboration developed that has lasted until today – and that will probably last for the rest of our lives and beyond.

What is Venusian Spirituality?

Venus as a planet and goddess is known as the “bringer of love”, the planet of “harmony, relationships and peace”. She represents the feminine energy of compassion and connection with all that is.

As we on Earth have lived largely in patriarchal structures for thousands of years, we welcome the gentle, loving, yet also clear and intelligent power of Venus as a balancing energy for healing, happiness and truth for all individuals and societies. This is about balancing the forces to restore the balance between masculine and feminine, between heart and mind, between inside and outside, between above and below.

In our society, very many people define themselves primarily in terms of thinking and the outer world. But the creative power and love lie within – the inner is the source. The integration of consciously lived spirituality or even just the interested occupation with it leads step by step the attention more inward – and from the inside we can create a world in which we all would like to live, without external structures continuing to limit or completely suppress topics such as free will and the right to self-determination.

“In the Venusian Society, we understand spirituality as balancing oneself on all levels.”
“The most important thing that people on Earth have to learn is to replace judgement and criticism with love and acceptance.”
“Where the attention goes, the energy goes.”

These quotes give a glimpse into the essence of Venusian Spirituality as Omnec Onec teaches it. Connected with this is the passing on of information (and by “information” is meant not only mental knowledge, but also the energy of unconditional love) in order to expand consciousness and to consciously place the love inherent in every human being – every soul – in the heart at the center of one’s own life.

What can you find on venus-spirit.com?

I created this site to make available information and offerings that can support you in remembering, deepening and integrating spiritual knowledge for the purpose of spreading peace and love within and beyond yourself.

You will find here

  • Information about the Venus-Earth connection and Venusian spirituality.
  • Information in connection with the “Intergalactic Confederation”, to which the Venusians belong and for which the ambassador Dirk Seufert speaks in German-speaking countries.
  • Blog posts in connection with contacts, contact persons, UFOs and benevolent extraterrestrials.
    Events, both physical and virtual meetings.
  • Books, CDs and related products that I find harmonious with Venus energy and am happy to recommend.
    The possibility to contact us and participate, if you can and like, also to support our work.
  • Offers of those who are presented on this page – partly personally and in direct contact, partly their publications.
  • Links to recommendations of books, films and other sources of information, also to people who have helped me in my life on my way and whom I appreciate very much.

The Venus-Earth-Connection

Venus is considered the sister planet of Earth, because Venus is the closest planet to Earth in our solar system purely in terms of distance.

Omnec Onec writes in her autobiography about the very ancient connection of Venus and its inhabitants with the people of Earth. She says that once many colonies of extraterrestrial settlers landed on Earth and that the “white race”, to which the Venusians belong, were among them. According to Omnec, Venus is older than Earth, and Venusians as a society long ago went through similar evolutionary processes as we do on Earth today. As our ancestors and because of the great love the Venusians (and other aliens as well) have for humans and creation, they care deeply about giving us humans on Earth all the love and support we need for our positive evolution.

Some call the developmental phase that the Earth and its inhabitants are currently in a transformation process, ascension, frequency increase, transformation from 3D to 5D consciousness and the like. This generally refers to the expansion of consciousness and the opening of hearts.

According to Omnec, Venusians have always remained in unity within themselves as a society and therefore have been able to attain a very high spiritual wisdom. They have lived and continue to live their lives in accordance with the “Laws of the Supreme Divinity.” Their heart-filled intelligence is therefore very pure and their mastery as divine beings in accordance with their technology is highly advanced.
Similar to Angels and Ascended Masters, far advanced extraterrestrials are also in conscious contact with the creative force that we can call God or God Presence.

As our ancestors, Venusians watch over our planet and the evolution of humanity in cooperation with many other extraterrestrials benevolent to Earth, some of whom are united in a grouping called the Intergalactic Confederation.

As the Earth is going through a transformation process, many beings from other worlds are providing us with assistance. This has been happening for a long time, and even at the moment, primarily publicly unrecognized and on the inner levels. They bring us knowledge, love and inspiration that helps those of us who resonate with it to remember and awaken. The intention behind this is the healing of ourselves and the world we live on, through conscious recognition of our true nature as divine beings, as God-born, creative souls having a physical experience.

Enjoy your time on this website!

May you have an inspiring, uplifting time full of joy, creativity and vitality.

May the universal love and blessings be – Amual Abaktu Baraka Bashad

Anja Schäfer

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