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From Venus with Love ♡

Anja and Omnec ♡

Omnec + Anja 1998

We still call it “donations” – but in truth it’s about being with each other, connecting with each other, networking. It is not a one-way street – what you give from the heart returns to you x-fold. Money is energy. If you want to participate to support our work, it strengthens the field of our work – it serves ALL of us.♥️🛸♥️🛸♥️.♥️🛸♥️🛸♥️

Why don’t you already have a huge income? How do you finance yourselves at all?

If you know our books and have followed our public activities for decades, you might think: “They do so much and always look so radiant – why do they have a page for “donations”? They should have a lavish income by now!”

Appearances can be deceiving – at least as far as our material-financial backgrounds are concerned. We are of course provided and have no lack. I don’t want to explain all details publicly here and thus also feed doubting, critical spirits.

If you have a question from your heart, write me a message and I feel if and how I want to answer. If it feels coherent, I may make a public video with an answer for all. For something very personal, please book a Private Session.

In Service for the Transformation of the Earth

We live for the transformation of the Earth into a higher vibrational frequency. Omnec Onec came to earth with this mission as a child and I, Anja, awakened to this consciousness during my lifetime. In order to be able to fulfill our soul plans and let the light work through us, we have never deeply connected with the ruling structures. It is our life purpose to completely transform the existing system.

Our vision is the liberation of all souls and the God-connected life in harmony with nature and the laws of the Supreme Divinity. In a spiritually advanced society, which we know from memory and into which the earth will also transform (at least for those people who wish and believe in it), we no longer need money and offices, politicians, manipulations, artificial intelligence and control. Instead, we live as conscious creator beings with higher technology in harmony with the laws of nature, with our God-given, wonderful human abilities, and in a field of unconditional love with all that is.

But we still need money and gasoline, we still have rents and electricity to pay and groceries to buy.

If my and Omnec’s work has ever helped you in any way, please support us with a donation. We keep going either way because that’s what we’re here for, but every positive contribution sustains us and expands our possibilities.

If you would like to contribute other than financially, please send a message with your suggestions or ideas to

“Whenever we Venusians talk about our culture, our
technology, or any area of our lives, our respect is always for our planetary science or
Teaching called the ‘Laws of the Supreme Deity’. Through
this advanced form of science, in which spirituality and science are two sides of a
two sides of the same coin, we have grown in so many ways.”

~ Omnec Onec – From Venus I Came ~

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