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Hueckelhoven is a small village located between Aachen and Mönchengladbach in Germany. Just outside the town Kaphof manor is layn where Omnec Onec used to live a few years ago for a few months every year. While Omnec was living there (between 2001 and 2004), the independent filmmaker Patricia Müller from PARA-VIDEO took the chance and asked her for an interview.

Omnec Onec was born on the planet Venus. In this interview we talk about life on the astral plane of Venus, hollow worlds, manifesting by thoughts, the cosmic origin of the human races, the relief efforts of the extraterrestrials, the Transformation Process of the Earth and about many more subjects.

We hope you enjoy watching this very private and informative interview with Omnec Onec!

Contents of the DVD “The Interview in the Central Courtyard of Kaphof Manor at Hückelhoven, Germany”

First item on the DVD: Interview with Omnec Onec

The chapters include:

    • Living conditions on Venus
    • Sleep and Meditation
    • Manifestation of Pets
    • Nutrition and Manifestation of Things
    • About Animals generally
    • Names of Germanic Mythology
    • Hollow Worlds
    • The astral Dimension and Magic
    • Multiple Levels of Astral
    • The black Race in Outer Space and on Earth
    • ‘Communication’ in the earthly way
    • Manipulations of Consciousness and Religions
    • Private Backgrounds
    • George Adamski
    • Moon Landing and Alternative  A/B/C
    • Return to Venus?

Length: 56 min.
Languages: English and German
Copyright notice: Thank you for respecting the copyright of this DVD (owner: Patricia Müller). This DVD is only for private use, please do not copy or upload it on the internet.

Second item on the DVD: Kurt Abildskov – Contact with Space People

Kurt Abildskov is a former pilot and lieutenant colonel of the Danish Air Force. UFOs and the space people are his special field. Even Kurt had contact to Venusians. We went to Ebeltoft in Denmark and conducted an interview with him.

The chapters include:

  • UFO experiences in various Air Forces
  • Contact with George Adamski and people from Venus
  • UFO events in Danish airspace
  • A strange encounter in Paris
  • A series of weird events happening during slideshows
  • Open Contact Law and Prime Directive
  • Alternative Energies and the Status Quo
  • Possibility of open contacts
  • UFO crashes
  • Mayan Calendar and Crystal Skulls
  • New UFO facts in Brazil
  • Charles Green and Bashar
  • Ashtar Sheran and Help for the Earth
  • Star Children and Indigo Children

Length: 75 min.
Languages: English and German

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