Private Session


with Anja Schäfer

Delivery time: 3-5 workdays


Individual conversation with Anja based on Omnec Onec’s teachings

“In the Venusian Society, we understand spirituality as balancing oneself on all levels.” Omnec Onec

What we can talk about, among other things

  • Everything that occupies you, that you are interested in or that you were not able to share with anybody yet
  • Your personal and spiritual development, the soul’s journey, the Creator, Unconditional Love, death and dying, reincarnation, freedom, enlightenment, healing, etc.
  • Personal questions of all kinds
  • Omnec Onec and her autobiography “From Venus I Came”.
  • Omnec Onec’s spiritual teachings
  • The unknown history of our solar system according to Omnec’s information
  • The present world situation and the transformation of the Earth into a higher vibrational level

About Omnec Onec

  • Spiritual Master/Teacher
  • Ambassador of unconditional love and universal wisdom
  • Author of the autobiography of an extraterrestrial “I came from Venus” (today volume I of “The Venusian Trilogy” )

About Anja Schäfer

  • Omnec Onec’s assistant, friend and collaborator since 1997
  • Author of “Simply Wisdom and Love – Venusian Spirituality” with Omnec Onec
  • Individual Sessions & Spiritual Healing

After your order I will contact you per email for our appointment.

The price is per hour. We use Zoom for our conversation per video chat.

Love and Blessings, Anja

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