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1:1 Session with Anja ▼ 3 questions per email

Do you have questions about my work, about Omnec Onec and Venus, your spiritual path, the transformation of the earth? … Send me your questions and get personal answers.

Please do so:

  • Short questions as clear as possible to the point, maximum 200 words.
  • No long texts and no stories. If you feel you can’t ask your questions briefly and need a comprehensive exchange in conversation, please book a one-on-one session with me via Zoom.
  • Your questions must be related to your spiritual path or and to my work.

I respond via email OR a combination of email with voice message (audio file via email, WhatsApp or Telegram).

Delivery time: 3-5 workdays

1:1 Session with Anja ▼ 3 Questions per Email

Do you have questions about my work, about Omnec Onec and Venus, your spiritual path, the transformation of the earth? ... Send me your questions and get personal answers.

Heart-to-Heart One-on-One-Session with Anja

Write me if you are …

  • going through your spiritual awakening and want to understand what is happening.
  • want to actively and consciously participate in the creation of a new earth.
  • want to experience your soul and live your life to the fullest.
  • want to talk about Omnec Onec, Dr. Raymond Keller "Cosmic Ray" and Venus.
  • want to know more about Venusian spirituality, ascension to a higher vibrational frequency and transformation of the Earth.
  • want to talk to a person who does not criticize or judge you, but meets you from soul to soul.
  • want to remember unconditional love, the Creator (God) and the levels of consciousness.
  • deal with topics like soul connections, twin flames, Unio Mystica/Hieros Gamos, spiritual alchemy, androgyny, divine masculinity and divine femininity (Divine Masculine - Divine Feminine).
  • want to talk to a woman who is spiritually awake and has had experiences of initiations, kundalini awakening, heart chakra activation, self-realization and ego-death.... and who continues to learn ...
  • want to understand what goes on behind the scenes (and I'm not saying I know EVERYTHING - I can share my insight though).
  • have heard the terms 3D-4D-5D and want to understand more deeply what is meant by it.
  • want to apply the power of the I AM Presence and I AM affirmations.
  • are interested in the topic of "timelines". Do you want to be a conscious co-creator to co-create the future of a free world instead of supporting the timeline of transhumanism, artificial intelligence and total control? (Recommendation: Webinar "A Tale of Two Timelines" by Frank Jacob).

Topic money ♡ please read

Note on the topic “The dear money” ♡ Please read before sending your questions.

I come from a memory of life in societies without money and support through my existence on earth our way to a free life without the still prevailing structures including the money system. In other words: I never went deep into the system and never put my focus on making money. I know that mainly people are attracted to spiritual, real, true information, who basically tick similarly and often don’t have that much money at their disposal themselves. If you are one of the few who have more available, then I ask you to consider making a donation in addition to the fees listed here for a session with me. My prices here are lower limit and anyone who is self-employed knows that. It’s more of a symbolic compensation for the time and energy I share with you – this is about service in a higher sense. At the moment, I don’t intend to charge 250 euros or so for an hour with me or otherwise sell myself exclusively – though I do reserve the right to make changes of all kinds, because everything is continuously in motion. In truth, my knowledge, experience and time with me cannot be measured in money. Any money that comes in through this way via a 1:1 session or and as a donation directly supports me, Omnec and our joint work in service to the Earth. Thank you

About Anja

Anja Schäfer is a facilitator for Venusian spirituality. In 1997 she met the Venusian Omnec Onec, author of the autobiography “I came from Venus”. The two soul friends are united by their common mission to accompany the transformation of the Earth into a higher vibrational frequency. Anja supports the worldwide transmission of the Venusian teachings in the form of books, lectures and videos. In 2021, Anja was associated with the historian of Venusians Dr. Raymond Keller “Cosmic Ray”. As a German, one of Anja’s missions is to translate spiritual teachings into her native language and transmit them to the spiritual field of the German-speaking world.

It is Anja’s heartfelt desire to serve as a light-bringer and pathfinder through her own spiritual awakening. She helps people to remember their true self as a soul and to find back into their creative power. In her individual way, Anja supports the return of paradise on earth and shepherds the timeline of spiritual ascension into a higher dimension.

My mission on earth

It is my mission to support the earth and humanity in awakening. It is about the ascension of the planet into a higher vibrational frequency and the liberation of the souls bound here from the prison of unconsciousness, so that they can continue their path as free, conscious creator beings.
Hand in hand with our benevolent friends from other planets, in particular with the Venusians, I go my way to remind myself of the truth and at the same time to help the planet and the collective to ascend.


I don’t do psychic readings, do not channel, do not give prophecies or predictions, do not give medical, financial, legal advice. If you feel somehow triggered by a session with me, get angry afterwards or something gets moving in you through our conversation, then that is so right from your soul and serves your path. Your own inner work is called for. My sessions are in no way meant to be psychological counseling or any other type of therapy. I will make my best effort and proceed carefully at all times. My comments in session are expressions of opinion only. If you are feeling so psychologically stressed that it is affecting your ability to function, please seek help elsewhere. You are responsible for yourself and what you choose to experience. By purchasing the session(s) you acknowledge that you have read and agree to all explanations and wish to proceed.


Postponements up to 24 hours in advance are easily possible once. If you do not give 24 hours notice, you will need to purchase a new session if you wish to reschedule.

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