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Omnec Onec – Message from Venus

In her autobiography “From Venus I Came”, Omnec describes the enlivened astral dimension of Venus and gives detailed insights into the way of living of these beings in a higher level of frequency than we know here on the physical earth. The Venusians live in tune with natural laws and the “Laws of the Supreme Deity”. They are fully aware of their connection to creation and handle their spiritual powers with responsibility.

Omnecs’ spiritual teachings

Unconditional love – Soul, the real I – the power of thoughts

  • We are souls and the physical life is a limited experience that is followed by the next step of evolution.
  • Replacing critisism and judgement with love and acceptance.
  • Imagination is the key to creation.
  • Where your attention goes, the energy flows.

Message from Venus – Omnecs mission on Earth

  • History of her origin – reasons for being here
  • Life on the astral level of Venus
  • Karma, reincarnation, cycles
  • Die Reise der Seele durch die Ebenen des Bewusstseins.
  • The journey of soul – about origin and path of the soul through the mineral state, plant state and animal state to the human state.
  • The human race is universal and not limited to the Earth.
  • Providing full understanding of the individual connection with the creator. The creator is a huge source of energy from which all that exists is created in never ending cycles.
  • Existence of dimensions which exist parallel to the physical reality.

The current transformation of the Earth from Venusian perspective

  • The unknown history of our solar system.
  • Return of our lost abilities.
  • In the future the earth will serve a different purpose than before and will be in a higher vibrational level.
  • How each individual can raise his frequency.
  • Remembering oneself as a soul and realizing one’s true self.
  • Acknowledge the power of creation.
  • Experiencing oneself as a beloved being, opening oneself to love.
  • Learning to see everything from a divine perspective and to love unconditionally.

Publications by and with Omnec

You can find many videos about and with Omnec on my YouTube channel “Hilarianna”. Texts by her and about her are available on the official website. Her books and mediations are available in the online store.

Omnec Onec private situation

For private, personal, technical and health reasons, Omnec lives in seclusion and considers herself “retired”. From her point of view, she has said and given everything she had to share with people as a spiritual teacher in direct contact as well as through her books, CDs and videos over many decades. All of this information is fully available.

No spiritual teacher and master is physically present all the time. All teachers bring messages, love and wonderful teachings for people to integrate and apply in their own lives.

Omnec’s material can be ordered through mine. Many videos are freely available on YouTube. I myself, Anja, am in contact with Omnec, but cannot arrange any talks or information. If, when and to what extent Omnec will be present for the public again is open.

 „The most important thing that people on earth have to learn is to replace criticism and judgement with love and acceptance.“
~ Omnec Onec ~

“Imagination is the key to creation.”

“Where the attention goes, the energy flows..”

~ Omnec Onec ~

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