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Anja Schäfer

“I don’t know. But I chose to believe it.”
~ Dr. Elisabeth Shaw in the film Prometheus.~

Anja Schäfer 2021

Healing and Love

Healing is not synonymous with physical perfection and health.

In Healing-Being, I AM unconditional love and acceptance, letting go, trust, peace of mind, ease, joy, inner peace and surrender.

Seen in this way, being-healed is a state of consciousness and not a physical state. Just as true love is a state of consciousness and not just a feeling.

25 Years with the Woman from Venus

Omnec and I are good friends and a good team. For about 25 years I have served as a kind of “bridge” between Omnec and the world. For many years I have accompanied Omnec, translating and managing her It is one of my soul tasks to take care of the publication of her information.

Omnec herself calls me her “German daughter” and “German voice” and she says that – spiritually speaking – nobody knows her as well as I do. She says it was an appointment of souls that brought us together in this life.

I owe Omnec an infinite amount and she owes me the other way around as well. Without me, many people would not know of Omnec’s existence, which I think is so valuable. And because of Omnec’s presence in my life, I have been gifted with, among other things, the experiences of unconditional love and self-realization.

People like Omnec, whom I call and recognize as a true spiritual master, are still very rare.

May many find the light and love in their hearts and share it with the world.

Anja Schäfer in 2022

Anja Schäfer und Omnec Onec 1998

My Offers

Much of what I have written and published over the last decades in connection with Venusian Spirituality can be found freely on the Internet.


Free of charge and openly available

If there is anything I can do for you in direct contact, I will be happy to hear from you – here is a listing of everything I can currently give:

Services and products from Anja

    • In the Venus Spirit Shop you can find books, CDs and virtual offers like downloads and live webinars.
    • Healing: Reiki and “Healing with heart and hands” based on Boris Lukacs’ teachings.
    • Organization, moderation of events (e.g. 2022 visit of Dr. Raymond Keller “Cosmic Ray” in Deutschland Germany).
    • Wellness/healing massages and tantric massages: between 2016 and 2020 I gave tantric massages full-time. Appointments, coaching and training for this are still available in exceptional cases.
    • Publishing house Discus Publishing: Next book publication 2022 by Dr. Raymond Keller (my work consists of translating, creating a correct Word file, layout, cover design and publication). Similar work is also possible on a commission basis by arrangement.
    • Variable: Just ask me if you can imagine my support for anything you have in mind.


I will gladly inform you about prices and conditions after personal inquiry or after agreement. For treatments and consultations I would like 80 Euro per “unit/hour” (although this is never totally fixed in the “Venusian manner”, but flexible. The money issue is simply an energy compensation, which is no longer necessary in more developed societies – and that is where we ultimately want to go. But “still” we have money in our terrestrial systems and also I have to pay my normal living costs).


I am looking forward to your message to contact@venus-spirit.com.

⇨ Telegram-Channel https://t.me/venus_spirit
⇨ Personal Blog (German) https://hilarianna.de
⇨ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/hilarianna

Love and Blessings
Anja ♡

Curriculum Vitae

H♡ 2022: www.venus-spirit.com – Venusian Spirituality, book release, events, videos.

♡ 2021: Healer training with Boris Lukacs, Switzerland – “Healing with Heart and hands”

2020: Reiki initiations

2018: Relaxation therapy and meditation leadership trainings.

2017: VENUSIA Spiritual Tantra Center, Hohenfels – tantric massages, trainings

2012 – 2016: DISCUS Publishing Services (publishing service and publisher) typesetting, ebooks, print on demand, translations (engl.), media design, editing and proofreading, speaking, web design with WordPress.

2012: Entry into self-employment

2010 – 2011: Publishing assistant and PR responsible for DAS GUTE BUCH Verlagsanstalt, Liechtenstein (residence and home office in Germany), editing, layout, speaking. Project: republishing of Omnec Onec books, CDs and DVDs

2004 – 2010: Assistant to the owner at Fa. Berk Esoterik, Stockach, additional activities from 2006 after further training in graphic design: catalog layout, image editing, flyers, advertisements

2004: Relocation from Mönchengladbach to Lake Constance

2004: Commercial training in Mönchengladbach, internship at the company Berk Esoterik, Stockach

2001 – 2002: Assistant to the sales manager/office assistant sales at the forwarding agency Birkart Systemverkehre GmbH, Mönchengladbach

From 2001: Integration of the experiences from the year 2000, grounding

2000: Relocation from Landshut to Mönchengladbach

2000: Sales assistant at Telelogic Deutschland GmbH, Hallbergmoos/ Munich

♡ 2000: Encounter with the Phaistos Disc, consciousness-expanding experiences, self-actualization

♡ From 1997: Cooperation with the spiritual teacher and Venusian Omnec Onec: organization and realization of journeys, translation of lectures, workshops and texts, construction and maintenance of the homepage www.omnec-onec.com

1997 – 1999: Self-employed owner of the esoteric bookstore “Lichtblick”, Landshut/Bavaria. Event organization (lectures /seminars), astrological consultations

1996: Relocation from Berlin to Landshut

1994-1996: Training in astrology at the Astrology Center Berlin and with Hartwig Ohnimus. Self-experience seminar “Hexagram Program

♡ From 1994: Meeting, friendship and beginning of my long-term collaboration with Omnec Onec, my spiritual teacher. Author of “I came from Venus”.

1992 – 1996: Temporary secretary in various companies, e.g. Freiberger Lebensmittel GmbH, Ericsson Mobilfunk GmbH, European School of Economics, Berlin

1990 – 1991: Training as business correspondent for the English language, Friedrich-List-Schule, Berlin

1987 – 1990: Theodor-Heuss-Oberschule, Berlin, graduation: Abitur (high school diploma)

1986 onwards: Occupation with astrology and tarot, beginning of the search for meaning in life, profession and vocation

1985: First astrology book and calculation of my ascendant

1982 – 1987: Friedrich Engels High School, Berlin

1976 – 1982: Elementary school at the Peckwisch, Berlin

♡ Birth 08.06.1970 at 23:11 in Berlin

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