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What is Venusian Spirituality?

Venus as a planet and goddess is known as the “bringer of love,” the planet of harmony, relationships and peace. She represents the feminine energy of compassion and connection with all that is. The gentle, loving, yet also clear and intelligent power of Venus brings balancing energy for healing, happiness and truth for all individuals and societies. This is about the balancing of forces, the balance between masculine and feminine, between heart and mind, between inside and outside, between above and below.

Venus love is unconditional love.

As the ancestors of many people on Earth, Venusians support evolution on Earth and the expansion of humanity’s consciousness into a higher vibrational frequency. They have been bringing spiritual teachings for thousands of years and are among us worldwide. In connection with the spiritual law of non-interference, they work largely in secret and directly from heart to heart and person to person.

„In the Venusian Society we understand spirituality as balancing ourselves on all levels.” ~ Omnec Onec ~

Selection of popular videos on the Venus-Earth-Connection

Please note that some videos are in English only and some are in English with German translation.

“Do not forget hospitality, for through it some, without knowing it, have harbored angels.” ✨ ~ Hebrews Letter 13:2

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2023! We are currently planning our next “From Venus with Love Tour 2023” with Dr. Raymond Keller (USA) and Anja Schäfer (D)

The Venus-Earth Connection ♡ UFOs, Aliens, Contacts ♡ Dr. Raymond Keller is a historian, longtime UFO researcher, Venus contact, and author of a seven-volume series of books on Venus to date.

Love said to me, there is nothing that is not me. Be silent. ~ Rumi ~

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